An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!



[God of human sacrifice and war]

Class: God


Along with tlaloc was the main god of the Aztec society. He has chosen Xilo for this job and in the game, he will be your guide. Fear not, young warrior!

Historical Data:

He was the patron of the Aztec Culture. Aztecs considered themselves as the chosen people of Huitzilopochtli.


[God of Water, Fertility and Rain]

Class: God


Tlaloc suspects of Itzpapalotl evil deeds, so he sends an emisary to unfold the truth of her plans. He choses Xilo and Xochitl and gives them something to help them in their quest.

Historical Data:

Tlaloc is an important deity in the mesoamerican world. The four corners of the universe were marked by “the four Tlalocs”. In the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (today Mexico City), one of the two shrines on top of the Great Temple was dedicated to Tlaloc. In Aztec iconography he is usually depicted with goggle eyes and fangs.

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