An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!

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Mother Nature Strikes Near Aztec Xilo’s Production Home

So, this week Hurricane “Manuel” struck the pacific coast of Mexico, leaving a wet path of chaos and destruction.

The tlaloques were not on our side this time and we will have to interrupt the production one week or two because one of our developers lives in one of the wrecked states and volunteered to clean that big mess. Will leave you some photos. We will be right soon after this settles down a bit:

caimanero 4

caimanero arriba

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“Wow! Awesome!” said the director when he tested this level





So, we have been working on this level in particular, using the advantages of the lighting Unity offers.
When the Game Designer showed it to the Director and he tested it he said “wow, this is awesome dude!”

We will keep the surprise to you when you play it. Also if you want to be a game tester… maybe you can play it before anyone.


cave levelTo have a better picture of this level, listen to “Red Soil” from Super Metroid and you’ll get right in mood of this level.

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Working on the levels!

So How do you know your game is fun or not?
Just drawing it on paper isn’t enough, you have to test it, play it, feel it…

We are now with the real thing, summing all:

– We have selected our engine

– We have the basic 2D platformer movement.

– Some enemy logic.

– The first level on paper

– And other stuff.

Pics or didn’t happened:

Working on the first levels

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Just Coming Back from Houston / New Plans

Producer HSapiens went to Houston, TX to arrange the kickstarter stuff.

Sadly, we could not proceed with what we had planned and the KickStarter will be put in halt for a time.

We are now adopting the so called Cerny Method for Game Development (Yes, the guy from the Play Station 4) and we are preparing 2 or more fully playable release quality levels!

Stay tuned and know how this goes on.


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Site Updates and Cool Stuff!

Hello dear fans!


Have you been following our updates on Facebook and Twitter?

This time, we bring you updates for the Characters, Allies, Enemies, Art Gallery, Game Play, and minor site fixes!


We are working hard on the story and building of the first level, to bring you a playable demo ASAP!

Excited? We too!


Stay in touch for more to come!