An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!



[Sheelo (ʃɪ:lɒ)]

Class: Eagle Knight


Xilo, the best eagle knight of the empire. Son of a noble family, trained in the “Calmecac” (noble academy). He has captured more than 20 prisoners at a young age and was named Eagle Knight with the highest honor. Xilo is very agile and a very skilled warrior, due to his merits, Xilo is chosen by Huitzilopochtli (War God) to save the Sun, and his people from the end of ages.

During his quest in the game, he gets granted the ability to transforms into four animals.




[Shochitl (ʃotʃiˈtl)]

Class: Nahual


Xochitl is a girl of 10-13 years old. She is the last human who was born by the spirit of the Nahual directly. Therefore, being a so special girl, her family, the emperor and high priests decided to sacrifice her to the gods. Xochitl ascends to the heavens of the Tlalocan and meet Tlaloc, who chooses her to save the sun. Since she is only a little girl, Tlaloc gives her his staff of thunder and rain so she can defend herself.

Xochitl is the second main character in Aztec Xilo.

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