An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!


Aztec Xilo is a Mexican Project by a young group of Indie Game Developers and passionate lovers of their culture and historic heritage.

Staff (Xilo Team Members)

  • Sergio Téllez(Cooltural): Director.
  • José Gutiérrez (JAG): Lead Artist.
  • Ivan Mondragón (Yamato) : Graphic Designer.
  • Rodrigo Peña: Backgrounds Artist.
  • Omar Hernández (HSapiens): Programmer.
  • Pitter Gamez.
  • Cristina Boquez.
  • Rosa Gámez


Special Thanks to:

  • Martin Soto (Marti Escageda)
  • Rafael Burrola
  • Jennifer Rios
  • Omar Carrasco
  • All the people and family that support us and believes in this project.
  • And YOU, ’cause you are awesome!


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