An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!



[Clawed Butterfly]

Class: Goddess


The witch goddess, was the protectress of Tamoanchan (Paradise of the gods). She was also known as the “sin eater” and was the leader of the Tzitzimime (Star demons) who were responsible for killing the living on earth and destroying the sun at the end of each era. Itzpapalotl often dresses herself as a lady of the imperial court to seduce nobles and emperors to influence important decisions of the empire.

Historical Data:

Her name can also mean “Obsidian Butterfly”. She is depicted with bat wings and other times with butterfly wings. She could appear in the form of a beautiful, seductive woman or terrible goddess with a skeletal head and butterfly wings supplied with stone blades.


Class: God


Itztli Was a god made of obsidian stone. He often witnessed human sacrifices in order to feed from them.


Class: Beast


The Ahuizotl was an acuatic dog-like mythological creature that lived in the swamps, feared due to its apetite for human flesh. It was said to had a slippery skin similar to an amphibian, monkey hands and feet and a long tail with an extra hand at the end used to capture his victims. The Ahuizotl is one of many enemy creatures in Aztec Xilo.

Tlaxcalan Warriors

Class: Warriors/Humans


The Tlaxcalan Warriors were the most fierce army the aztecs had to fight. Tlaxcala was the rival city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan (Aztec capital) and it suffered the cruel aztec oppression. Countless of these noble warriors died in holy sacrifice.



Class: Demon


The Tzitzimime were star demons who were in a constant struggle against the sun. They came to earth at the end of each era to kill and eat every living thing on the planet. They were described as female skeletal figures with dress and claws. In Aztec Xilo you will fight hordes of these star demons ready to finish with the sun.

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