An Action Adventure Game in the Aztec World!


The game will be athrilling 2D side scroll action-adventure game, that feels and plays like the classics adding new elements to enhance the gamer’s experience.

The main goals of the game are:

  • Explore different levels, from valleys to mountains, deserts to jungles.
  • Capture and offer your enemies’s hearts as sacrifices to the gods to obtain their blessing.
  • Obtain new transformations.
  • Defeat mythological bosses.
  • Obtain the sacred weapons
  • Defeat Evil Goddess Itzpapalotl and save the sun from destruction.
  • Become a Living Legend.


Also, there will be some extra (hidden) levels, some exploration and (hidden) power ups for those who dare to go yonder. (More details soon)

Shortly we will launch the project for a Kickstarter funding. We will offer some rewards for our backers. See you soon = )

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